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Tammy Viser

For many years, Tammy has taught drawing & painting to hundreds of children of all age groups. She was previously an instructor at many home school co-ops located in Texas, Connecticut, and Florence, Italy. She also taught art for 5 years at Esprit International School in The Woodlands. Tammy is currently the administrator and an instructor at The Woodlands Academy of Art.


Tammy and Tracy Viser, Owners

Tracy Viser 

Tracy is the principle instructor at The Woodlands Academy of Art. He is a graduate of the University of Houston and majored in Art History and Studio Arts (Magna Cum Laude). He completed his Master’s Degree of Fine Art in painting at the New York Academy of Art, Graduate School of Figurative Art. Tracy studied in Florence, Italy at the Angel Academy of Art and the Florence Academy of Art. He also completed a summer residency at the University of Oxford in England, Ruskin School of Art. His work can be found in private and public collections in Europe, North America, and Latin America. 


The Woodlands Academy of Art is a private institution dedicated to the teaching of realistic drawing and painting.  It is our philosophy that everyone is capable of acquiring the skills necessary for accurate representation of form, limited only by the individual's level of determination.  Our program consists of a variety of skill building exercises, as well as the use of different materials for drawing and painting.  Class sizes are limited to 12 students with two instructors per class to allow for more individual instruction for each student. Classes are separated by age groups as well.




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